Professional Dog Grooming by Pampered Paws Glasgow

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We provide a number of dog grooming services in our Glasgow salon.

Full Groom

This is the complete pamper treatment:  Bath, brush and hand dried with our professional products and equipment. Ears cleaned, nails cut, pad hair removed, coat clipped and hand scissored to client’s preference.

Mini Groom

Bath, brush and hand dried, ears cleaned, nails clipped, pad hair removed, face, feet and sanitary areas trimmed.

Bath ‘n’ Brush

Bath, brush and hand dried, ears cleaned and nails cut as necessary. This service is provided for those who wish to maintain a medium to longer length style on their pet and avoid matting in between full and mini grooms.

Bath & Deshed

Similar to the Bath ‘n’ Brush with the added bonus of a deshedding treatment. This is especially designed to help with the blowing out of a double-coated breed and short-haired breeds that now cast for most of the year. This treatment will most definitely help cut down on the vacuuming.

Please ensure your pet is presented to us with a secure collar and lead and has had the opportunity to relieve themselves. We endeavour to have your pet back to you as soon as possible however they can be with us from between 1 – 3 hours depending on the level of work required. We have a secure garden area where your pet can be let out to go to the toilet if required and we provide fresh water throughout their visit. If your dog is not allowed treats please let us know when you drop them off.


Our prices are determined by size and guided by breed, hair type and what level of work is required on each individual dog. Extra charges may apply for pets who are difficult to manage or have coats in an extremely poor condition. We are happy to provide a guide price over the telephone which may be more or less depending on the above.

Our prices are very competitive in today’s market and we are always happy to help you set a realistic budget for your pets grooming needs.

Would you like to book your pet in to be pampered?
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